Friday, March 12, 2010

Tracing Utopia: Wall Drawing #2

This second drawing was created in Presentation Space 1 in the Parsons Fine Arts department the first week of March. The installation space is approximately 10' x 20'. This image is a composite of 5 different photographs, altered and fit together to create the feeling of walking down a street in a suburban neighborhood. The horizon line is above the line of sight, providing a floating oasis of dissolving imagery.

Above is a detail of the car from the left side of the piece, using myself to show the scale.

This is a overall shot of the back wall horizon line. It was very difficult to get full photographs of the space.

detail of right side wall

Tracing Utopia: Wall Drawing #1

One of my recent projects has been a series of wall drawings, which take place in various locations throughout the Parsons Fine Arts building. Here is the first one, featured in the 25 East Gallery exhibition "In Response to Fundamentalism" in February. The drawings are created with water-based ink applied directly on the wall. The images of suburban neighborhoods are both appearing and dissolving into the space, creating an impermanence and fragility.

full view of installation in 25 East Gallery, NYC

detail of Tracing Utopia