Monday, September 12, 2011

more Workaholic, GIAF 2011

Some more images from the wall drawing installation titled Workaholic in building 12, section E of the Governor's Island Art Fair:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Workaholic: Governors Island Art fair Sept 2-25

This week kicked off a great event at Governors Island, the 4th Annual Governors Island Art Fair presented by 4Heads. Come visit the island on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-6pm through September 25th. Ferries run on the regular from Battery Park and Pier 6 in Brooklyn.

Workaholic, is a 3 story wall-drawing installation I created in building 12, section e.

Above is a sneak peak of the 3rd floor portion, from the 4thspan floor view. Fruit bat sculpture is by artist Debora Simon.

Workaholic August 2011

Welcome to the office; my office; any Manhattan building you may find yourself in every day. The same images of an elevator, office chair, desk, computer equipment, sit stark and familiar. Here they are transformed. They embody a dream-like form, appearing and dissolving into the architecture of the stairwell. I have an obsession with these ordinary objects which become all-consuming in the monotony of the day job. I also wish to transform them, take them out of their element, dissolving their expected natures. In this building on Governors Island they create a new identity, somewhere between a memory and the present moment, set within a more historic architecture. Painted pipes acknowledge the excitement and engagement of the artist within the present moment. Like the red emergency-color pipes often found in Manhattan office buildings, the pipes call attention to the function of the building and merge the intervention between the drawing and the physical space. The colors here are playful, youthful, reflecting both of the spirit of the artist and of the sea surrounding Governors Island. Here they are not emergencies, but rather fresh reminders of the present moment, the presence of this stairwell and of the artist’s intervention.